Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm proud to present another  installment of Sharing Our Voices (SOV) with a very special guest, Mónica B.W. of the LOVE YA blog, which I'm over on today with a special guest post of my very own.

Please hop over there once you're finished learning all about our wonderful Monica B.W.

Hey Angie! First of all, thanks so much for having me here, on your blog, today!

So, Angie’s followers, you probably know that Angie majored in Anthropology, and that’s why she loves to learn about different people. So she asked me to tell you a bit of me, and where I live.

Today, I’m bringing some pics so that you can get to know me better. And see where I get inspired to write. 

This is me with my three little monsters kids and this place is less than a mile away from my house. Yep—I live in the country, in Chile, and the nearest town is so small, I bet it has less than 1,000 inhabitants.

Here is where I usually write. I have a similar view from my window and on my little couch, I’ve written three YA novels so far. I’m the type of writer who couldn’t possibly write in a café. I need silence and a lovely view. Yeah, I’m kinda spoiled like that, lol.  

Our house is also near the beach, so we go there often and I get some of my inspiration there, too. The picture below shows my two kids, my hubby, and me—or I might as well say it’s me and three kids! This was taken a couple of weeks ago.

The next picture was taken near my house, too, and those are my kids there, who love to hike around the place.

So now you know more about me, and where I write. I love the silence of the mountains, the noise of the crickets at night and the usual warm weather.

Granted, I’m really far away from agents, conferences, ARC giveaways, and so on, and I get REALLY jealous sometimes because I want to be there, in the middle of the action, but still. I’m so happy here!



  1. What a fantastic post, Monica! I've always wanted to visit Chile. Adding it to my Bucket List now. :-)

  2. Thanks, Kate!! Let me know if you decide to come someday! :D

    And Angie, thanks again so much for doing this! <3

  3. Wow, I'm jealous of the scenery! How lovely! It's nice to meet you and your family. ;)

  4. Monica, thank you again for your wonderful post. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful and inspirational country.

    Kate and Cherie, thank you for stopping by and showing Monica some love. You both are so sweet and giving in your support.

  5. What beautiful scenery! I also enjoy writing outside.

  6. Thanks, you guys!! It's nice to meet you too! ;D


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