Thursday, April 17, 2014


This show!

How to express how much I adored this show. It's not a surprise that I love ghost stories. I write about them, but I'm not usually impressed with movies or television shows about them. Maybe because I grew up with Stephen King as my bedtime stories so I'm hard to scare.

The ghost stories in MASTER'S SUN are creepy because the character, Tae Gong-shil, played by the gorgeous and extremely talented Gong Hyo-jin, is terrified by the ghosts. She's such a great actor that her entire body broadcasts her fear through the television set and into the watchers body.

Too much?

Yeah, so like I said I'm  hard to scare. What makes this ghost series so great is the actors and the humor in the writing by the amazing Hong sisters. This is easily one of my favorite dramas (A Man From Another Star being my top choice. More about that one later, heh heh).

Here is a mini synopsis:

Tae Gong-Shil began seeing ghosts after a mysterious accident. She became debilitated from the stress and lived her life as an outcast. Ghosts plagued her all the time. She couldn't sleep. She couldn't escape them, until she meets the Master. The Master, by Joo Joong-won, played brilliantly by So Ji-sub meets Tae Gong-shil by accident. When she learns all she has to do to banish the ghosts is touch him, she throws her pride out the window and sticks to him like a leech. And he returns the favor by agreeing to be her safety hideout on the condition that he can use her to abilities to further his ambitions.


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