Friday, September 7, 2012

40 WEEKS OF ME- Week 6, Tattoo

I've always loved tattoo's. I love the artistry and beauty of some tattoos. The meanings behind a particular etching on a person's skin can give insight into their life.

My sister bought me a tattoo for my 22nd birthday. I'd been thinking of getting one for years, but if she hadn't talked me into it I probably wouldn't have one now.

I put a lot of thought into what I would get. It had to hold a deeper meaning for me. I knew what it would be almost immediately. The Sunburst Pictograph from Robert Jordan's WHEEL OF TIME series. 

This symbol signifies the Children of Light. I was really into Mr. Jordan's world at the time. I found the Sunburst to be so compelling and unforgettable. I still do eighteen years later.

To see pictures of original chapter icons click HERE

Robert Jordan“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.”
Robert Jordan


The decision of where to place the tattoo was fairly simple. I didn't want it someplace I couldn't show off without acute embarrassment, but I also had to hide it from my parents (Sis and I kept the tats secret for many years before confessing to the folks). I went with my outer right ankle. Bad choice.

Ever have a needle stabbing bone? Holy Isis, the excruciating agony is the reason why this is my only tattoo.

My brother wants Sis and I to get family tattoos. I think it's a great idea, but this means three people have to agree on the tattoo. So far nothing has sparked the same desire that the sunburst filled me with. 

I'll post the picture if I ever go under the needle again.


  1. Loved this piece. My sister and I got our tattoos the same year-and mom still does not know about mine. ;)

  2. Hmmm. Tried to post a comment-it may be a repeat now---loved this piece-reminded me of so many family memories with my sister. ;)

  3. Angie,
    LOVE the tat--also loved the Wheel of Time series. That was one of the first adult fantasy series I ever read (my hubby introduced me to it when we were engaged).

    I have a moon/star on my outer ankle because I love the night sky so much. I've been toying with the idea of getting another one someday.

  4. Hi Terri,
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It really is a bonding thing for sisters...tattoos, lol. It's funny. I mentioned this post to my father, and he was all, "What? You have a tattoo?" Insert eye roll. I'm not sure how he forgot.

  5. Hi Rebekah,
    It was one of my favorite series in college. I used to own all the books, but after Mr. Jordan passed, I was so depressed that I would get to finish the series that I sold them. Not the brightest of moves. Now I have to buy them again, because I'd like to dive back into his world. I loved the strong female characters he brought to life.

  6. Gravity is not a friend of tattoos. And pain is no friend of mine. So I have no "ink" but admire well done designs on others. I like what Jordan says about myth cycles - definitely a theme at work in my most recent ms.

  7. I agree with the gravity statement, lol. That's why I went with the ankle. Ouch.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Blogger rejected your Comment, so I pasted it here.

    Sep 8, 2012, at 1:34 PM, Michelle 4 Laughs wrote:

    Michelle 4 Laughs has left a new comment on your post

    I love WOT and have a first edition copy of Eye of the World. Can't wait for the final book in a few months. Unforgettable characters in that series.

    Tatoos, not so much. You're braver than I am

  9. I envy your first edition copy. I really need to hit the used bookstore.

  10. Weird thing is, I finally got mine when I was sure I really wanted it. I had no intentions of telling my mother. But the second I got home for a weekend stay, I immediately confessed. Total mama's girl. *laughs*


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