Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This South Korean Drama is based on the Japanese manga ITAZURA NA KISS created by Tada Kaoru. We found it on HULU, but a seven episode "Playful Kiss: Special Edition" reportedly was released on YouTube (I haven't looked for it yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

Let me break down the deets for ya.

Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) is a naïve and fanciful high school girl who places in the bottom of her class. She’s in love with A Spirit of the Forest, a genius male student name Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong, from BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS) who not only is way out of her league, but he also hates “stupid girls.” 

Oh Ha Ni confesses her love to Baek Seung Jo, and he totally humiliates her in front of half the school. The jerk. Still, our little Noah Snail doesn't give up on her crush, and luck gives a helping hand in the form of a mild earthquake which destroys Oh Ha Ni’s home. She and her father move in with her father’s childhood friend. The father of Baek Seung Jo.

Kiwi and are are halfway through this sixteen episode series, but after a slow start, we've fallen in love with OH HA NI! The amount of contact embarrassment we get whenever Oh Ha Ni interacts with her crush has us rolling on the bed. It’s not only funny, but so sweet.


  1. You found it! Love, love It Started With a Kiss. :-)

  2. I know, it was awesome. We did find the Special Addition episodes on YouTube.


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