Monday, March 18, 2013


The Awesome Posts page is up. Click on it to find the posts you're interested in reading. 

Since I have a diverse audience, I thought it was about time to organize this blog. All of the posts have labels, but the cloud is a bit difficult to navigate. So, if you want to read reviews on my favorite K-drama and Anime series, all of the posts are linked. The same with Sharing Our Voices, 40 Weeks Of Me, and the ever thrilling, Cover Reveals posts. 

Want to follow my wonderful journey as an aspiring writer. Links are there for each and every step as I learn about writing and editing. 

Hope it helps. And thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I love it when things are organized for reader ease. You get a gold star. ;)

  2. I added in links for my guest posts, so yours is up. I'll continue to work on getting it streamlined.

  3. I love the new navigation system. Great job!


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