Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I'm excited to share that my debut NA novel, JUJU'S CHILD, has been acquired by Alex Logan at Forever Yours, in a 3 book deal.

Here is the Publishers Marketplace announcement:

Digital: Fiction: New Adult

Angie Sandro's debut JUJU'S CHILD, in which a 20-year-old woman regrets finding a dead girl submerged in the bayou when the town begins to suspect her hoodoo-practicing family is to blame for the death, the girl starts haunting her, and the victim's brother is an attractive but dangerous ally in the search for the real killer, to Alex Logan at Forever Yours, in a three-book deal, by Kathleen Rushall at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency (World).     

I'm so thrilled. Thank you to my amazing agent, Kathleen Rushall. Without her none of this would have happened. To my new editor, Alex Logan, thank you so much for believing in Mala and Landry's story and for giving me such a warm welcome. Thanks to everyone who have supported me over in my journey. 
Love you guys!
Okay, I'm getting totally mushy. If I keep this up, I'll be bawling my eyes out. I'll write a more detail blog post when I'm not shaking with excitement.

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