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Book Name: The Long Game
Book Genre: NA Contemporary
Book release date: October 7, 2013
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The Long Game book blurb: Smooth talking. Ambitious. Loyal. Twenty-year-old Shay Reilly has proven himself to his Irish-American Gypsy clan on small-scale cons, but now the clan leader has a bigger mission for him: playing the long game. 

To rake in the big score he’s after, he needs to con co-ed Spencer into falling in love with him. He knows he should see Spencer as a mere means to an end, but that’s easier said than done when there’s a witty, attractive girl in your arms. 

Now the only thing that can keep them apart is the thing that brought them together: Shay’s plans of revenge against someone who wronged his clan and family years before—Spencer’s father.

About the author J.L. Fynn: J.L. Fynn is the public face of a private identity. She enjoys making up stories about iniquitous heroes, providing Delphic answers to unasked questions, and obfuscating the truth just for laughs. But then, what’s an author but a professional liar? If you send her an email she might let you in on her little secret—assuming she likes your moxie.

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Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey, ya’ll. I missed you.

It’s been a quiet few months since I entered my writing cave. But I finally have a chance to breathe, so I thought I’d better give you an update before my life gets crazy again.

As you know, I sold my debut NA Southern Gothic, JUJU’S CHILD, to the amazing, Grand Central/Forever Yours, and I have an awesome editor, Alex Logan. *pinches self*
Here comes the really awesome part in case you missed the announcement. It wasn’t just JUJU’S CHILD, but three books. So, I’ve had a busy summer working on the second book in the series.

My amazing critique partners sent back their edits for BAD MOJO, and I spent the weekend polishing the novel. It is always amazing to see how much I missed while editing. I love that they also caught some big picture, plot holes regarding character development. Plus, my comma misplacements and lack of hyphens. Duh, Angie!

As long as nothing goes terribly wrong, I’m on track to have this book ready well before my deadline of October 1st. It feels great to be ahead of schedule. Deadlines, you know. They can be stressful for a newbie who just wants to make a good first impression.

I’ve got to say, I adore Alex Logan. She has been so awesome. I still get giddy when I think about how lucky I am to work with her.
Here is the Angie version of how she welcomed me to Grand Central. My hubby would probably tell it differently.

I came from work, and my husband met me at the door with a really big box. I was thrilled because it was our fifteenth anniversary, and I kind of forgot. I mean, I knew it was that week. I just lost track of my days. And, I remembered later that morning (before he did) so, you know. I win.


Anyway, I thought he trumped my remembering first with an anniversary gift. I was thrilled, at first. Then the guilt bomb exploded. I hadn’t gotten him a present since we don't usually do presents. And we weren’t celebrating until the weekend.

I took the box from him with a sickly smile and a muttered, “Oh, honey. Thanks.” He laughed and pointed to the address.



Okay, so it really was one of the best anniversary gifts ever (even if it wasn’t meant to be). I love to read and a box o’ books is my idea of heaven. It  also became my reward for finishing BAD MOJO. 

Another reward is that I have a bunch of fun cover reveals scheduled. Also, if anyone is interested in writing a Sharing Our Voices Guest Post, please leave a comment. I would love to have you on the blog.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Genre: NA sci-fi romance
Author: Olivia Mayfield

Book blurb:

TEN DAYS is a New Adult/YA crossover romance novel, based on the sci-fi short story “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster.
Nineteen-year-old Cally isn’t like the others. In her society, the Machine caters to every whim, ensuring people don’t have to leave their pods. But Cally and her best friend Marshal find themselves drawn to how things used to be, when people lived on the surface of the earth and relied upon manpower, not technology. When physical contact wasn’t uncivilized, and love was normal, acceptable, embraced. Cally tries to swallow down her increasing dissatisfaction with the “rules,” as well as her rapidly developing feelings for Marshal, a task getting harder each day.
Then, things start going downhill, fast. Food is spoiled. Air grows musty. The population panics about the dysfunction–is it sabotage? Anarchy? But Cally and Marshal discover the truth: The Machine, the answer to all their problems for longer than anyone can remember, is breaking down. Now, these two have to risk it all to save themselves and the people they care about…before their entire world destroys itself.


Twitter: @OliviaMayfield

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