Friday, August 3, 2012


Howdy, I wanted to give a heads up to my awesome critique partner, Michelle Hauck. She has some good news to share on her blog, Michelle4Laughs-It's in the Details. Michelle isn't new to this blog. She was also gracious enough to write a Sharing Our Voices post. So please, pop over to her blog and wish her congrats.  

I also promised to share something about myself today. Since I don't really want to take away from Michelle's big news. I will share how much I appreciate Michelle (and all my critique partners fall into this category of awesomeness).

Michelle has a unique superpower. She can find plotholes like nobody else. If Don, DMCWILD is the King of Echoes, Michelle is Princess Plothole. She found plotholes hidden within my plotholes. She's is that good. And she's blunt. No sugar coating. Not that any of my crit partners put on rose colored glasses when it comes to my work, and I wouldn't want them to. The only way to grow is to have a blunt assessment of my story. It's strengths and weaknesses.

Michelle has been there for me through my last two books. I hope she will be there for many more to come.  I want to wish Michelle much love and success with her novel, KINDAR's CURE. I loved this story, and I can't wait to own my very own copy.


  1. Thanks, Angie. You're making this seems very real to me! When you see your news somewhere else, it has to be true.

    I wouldn't have made it without my own beta readers. Carla and Angie, you guys are wonderful.

  2. I'm very excited for you you Michelle. I can't wait to watch your journey. This is only the first of many steps to come.


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