Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been working on a new manuscript. It’s the sequel to JUJU’s CHILD, so in theory, it shouldn’t be too difficult to jump into. I know the characters. They evolved in the last book, carrying over issues to be addressed in this book. I’m still not totally clear on the totality of the plot, but I have enough outlined in my head to at least get a couple of chapters written.

Here is my problem: I can’t figure out where to start the first chapter.

This is an issue which has impeded upon my motivation to begin working on the story. Or rather, to progress in a full scale battle charge as is my norm. Typically, I write in linear order. With the first chapter full actualized before I begin to write; although, the draft goes through multiple revisions due to my dissatisfaction with the finished product during revisions. This frustration stems from my inability to fully articulate who the characters are and their motivation during the initial draft. This evolves with time and familiarity.

With this sequel, I have two potential first chapters. And I’m not happy with either version. I’ve found that it is difficult for me to bypass this issue until I come up with a solution to the problem. I hate dangling plot threads. It irritates me. Does any of this make sense?

I discussed this issue with @CRehse and found out I wasn’t alone. She was having a similar issue with finishing the first chapter in her wip. She has several scenes clawing at her mind trying to get out, but hadn’t finished her first chapter. We decided it would be best to forge ahead and write up the scenes taking up space in our brains. Once we get the tangled plotlines out of our head and onto paper, it should be easier to move forward. Our goal is to get a chapter (first or otherwise) onto paper by Saturday.

So out with this linear bull, ‘cause it’s not working for me with this book.

 Please wish me luck. I need itJ


  1. Good luck, sis! Although, I'm confident you can do it. *takes out pom poms and does back flips*

    Just started something new. Something I'm not used to writing, but a throwback to my earlier days. Very exciting.

    You know the characters now. Let them guide you to where they need to go. :-)

  2. OMG, this happened to me in My Dad's a Paranormal Investigator BK 2 (which I'm still working on and had to set aside due to other stuff I'm contracted for). I think it took me like 5 or 6 versions before I finally figured out where to start. It was like I didn't want it to be an info dump, but wanted to remind the reader of a few things. LOL. Best of luck lady and GIANT HUGS!! I know you can do this.

  3. Thanks Kate, it's coming along. Can't wait to read your new project. Very exciting:)

    Rebekah, that's it exactly. I want the beginning to start off with action, but there are also things that need to be stated without being info dumpy. It is a fine line to tread. I can't wait to read your new book, and congrats again on finding the perfect home for it.

    Hugs to both of you, my sistas.

  4. I wish you the best of luck as you charge ahead. I had a similar problem with an MS, and I ended up soliciting advice from a couple of friends to find out what people actually needed to SEE in that chapter. In my case, they needed the reminder that this wasn't a domestic, mainstream chick lit piece. Maybe after you write a few chapters, you'll realize what needs to be there. And maybe you'll need a trusted friend to look through what you've got and give it a fresh opinion.

  5. Jennifer and Cherie,
    Thanks, I worked through the block and finished my first chapter this weekend. Yay. I'm pretty happy with it. I hope it'll be smooth sailing from now on.

  6. I have a book series idea for several books about necromancers and the reason I haven't written it yet is I still have no idea how to start it. This is a very frustrating problem to have.


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