Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April-Year of Fun

March is over--YAY!!

Between being sick and the constant rain, I spent most of March being stuck in the house. I used the opportunity to take a self-imposed vacation from writing and focused on reading some really excellent books instead.

This is my March reading list:

Every year, prior to the release of her newest book coming out, I reread Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. I started with Guilty Pleasures and ended with book nineteen, Bullet. My favorites are Blue Moon and Incubus Dreams.

After learning that George R.R. Martin’s long awaited book A Dance with Dragons is coming out on July 12, 2011 and the HBO series A Game of Thrones airs April 17th, I decided to reread a Feast for Crows, the last book out in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I think the last time I read the book was in 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into Mr. Martin’s world. Once I finished, I didn’t want to leave Westeros. The storyline is so intricate that I realized I had forgotten what happened in the preceding book, so I then read a Storm of Sword…etc. Yes, I ended up reading the entire series again—backwards. DOH. Craziness.

Next I read Jim Butcher’s Alera Codex series.
I’ve read all the Dresden books and love them. Of course. I happened to find book one Furies of Calderon on my book shelf. Maybe I bought the book or my husband did. I’m not sure, but I had never read it before. And like a surprise birthday party, WOW, loved the book and went through the entire six book series in a week

I’m a fast reader. Most books, I can read in a day, which drives my husband crazy. The above author’s have nice thick, meaty books that take me a couple of days to finish. I love that. Oh, and if anyone loves Charlaine Harris' books (my favorite is Dead to the World) and have been watching Trueblood, I found out some good news. This season will follow the book four plot in which Eric gets amnesia. I sure hope we get that shower scene!!! Check out this link. YUMMY.

Technically, with April, my self-imposed vacation is over. I’ve started working on my new YA story. It’s outlined and started a few pages, but I’m taking it slow. I don’t want to make the mistake I made last year, and spend my whole summer shut up in my office writing. I bought a laptop and I’ll use it to write at the pool instead.

Happy April, everyone.


  1. I wonder how they'll deal with the amnesia plot line. They haven't been casting Eric in a very favorable light up until now, much to my disappointment.

    I haven't watched TV in so long. The last season I saw was two, am I very behind?

    I love writing on a lap top. It actually helps my wrists. I hope typing at the pool works out. It sounds so glamorous.

  2. I watched an interview and it sounds like they are following Dead to the World in that he crosses the witches. I've been pretty upset about the way Eric has been shown thus far, but I think that will dramatically show how vulnerable this season's Eric has become. Click the link to find the article and a youtube preview that shows Eric walking shirtless and confused down a road and a voice (Sookie?) calls out to him.

    For some reason, it's hard for me to create on the laptop. I usually need to be sitting at my desktop computer. But, writing by the pool does sound decadent.

  3. Ooh, a laptop. I need one. So I can be decadent too. LOL. Yeah, I use the desktop PC. It's probably why I'm slow finishing my WIP cause I can't work on it unless I'm home. :(

    You're have a new WIP, Angie? You sure work hard.

  4. Hey Cherie,
    Yeah, the laptop was my Christmas present, but it's sitting in the kids bedroom. I have to sneak it out when they're sleeping in order to use it.

    Regarding the wip, I took March off because I needed a break from writing, but this new story popped in my head and won't go away. If I don't get it out on paper it'll drive me crazy:) My hubby says I get cranky when I'm not writing.

  5. Currently devouring the Dark Hunter series from Sherrilyn Kenyon. Love, love, love it!

  6. Yay, a new series to read. You have great taste, I finished your last recommendation (Patricia Briggs). Loved them.

  7. Sarah has me hooked on the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine.

    She reminds me of Laurell K. Hamilton's earlier work. I really love strong, snarky MCs.

  8. Hey Carla,
    Too funny. I just finished book nine in the Weather Warden Series, Total Eclipse. It was fantastic.

    My daughter and I also love her Morganville Vampire YA series.


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