Monday, August 6, 2012


I took these swampy photos during my bike ride on Saturday through Teichert Ponds. The sky and water are this beautiful shade due to the smoke from a forest fire in the foothills. The picture above that I used for the blog cover is my favorite. It's what I imagined when I wrote the opening scene for Juju's Child.

This picture was taken from the bike trail. If you look closely you can see the blackberries on the bush in the lower left corner. My father-in-law and I make quite a few berry halts during our ride. Delicious, yum!

I trampled through the brush to get this picture--risking snake bites and poison oak. No, that's not a snake at the bottom of the page, but I thought it was at first. Yes, I am a little melodramatic.

This picture was taken at the same spot as the cover photo. I can totally picture a dead body floating beneath the water--which is the premise of Juju's Child, no I'm not being morbid for morbidity's sake. The only problem is that the pretty pink sky ruins the atmostphere of decay and darkness that I wanted to convey with this imagery.

It really is a beautiful area...

How often do your surroundings influence your writing? Have you ever found that perfect spot? The one that you dreamt about and lovingly crafted onto the page...and now you've found it in the real world?  


  1. I usually take the spots from memory instead of the other way around and stumbling on the spot after I write about it. For instance, in one scene I imagined a place from Yellowstone as I was writing.

  2. Wow, I love what you did with the swamp, makes me want to have some gator gumbo.

    Happy second 39th birthday Angie, wish you all the success you deserve.


  3. Mmm, gumbo. That sounds so good:-)
    My dad and his sisters make the best gumbo, sigh. I don't take after him in the cooking department.

    Thanks for the birthday wish.


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