Thursday, May 10, 2012


In preparation for our Avengers extravaganza, the Sandro clan had a Marvel marthon over the weekend. We missed CAPTAIN AMERICA when it was in the theaters, and it had been a while since we saw THOR.

CAPTAIN AMERICA didn’t do much for me. I expected it to be better. I mean the IRON MAN movies, THOR, even the HULK, I found more enjoyable. This was partly my fault for having such high expectations. My husband thought it was going to be worse, so he enjoyed the non-stop action and minimal character development. I kept comparing it to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and it lost. Still there were some LOL moments.

What can I say about THOR—rock hard abs. Hotness. Beautiful CGI. And LOKI!

Thank goodness we watched these movies before watching AVENGERS or we would've been lost because the movie doesn’t explain the back-story. The back-story is the previous movies leading up to the AVENGERS.

From the first scene until the last, it did not disappoint. Josh Whedon is my hero. The characters were developed, and I loved the comic relief. The banter between Iron Man and Captain America reminded me of the Scooby Gang. But, my favorite character was the Hulk (although, Loki runs a close second). He brought the funny.

Oh, for those of you haven’t watched this yet, don’t forget to stay during the credits. There are two extra scenes. We only saw the first one which previews the big bad for the next movie. I found out later from my friend that there is another scene at the very end. That’s right, two scenes. I feel like a bad fan for leaving too early.

 So, who is your favorite character? Do you plan to see it again?

My son Iron Man.


  1. The Hulk stole the show. The ending was hilarious. This movie was fun, fun, fun.

  2. I know, he had the best lines, "Puny, God!" LOL.

  3. I loved Thor which is why I'll probably go to see the Avengers. Good to know about seeing all the other movies first. I think the Hulk one is the only one I haven't seen yet. Which Hulk movie should that be, by the way. Weren't there two recently made?

  4. Hi Joyce,
    It would be the second Hulk with Edward Norton, although they have another actor, Mark Ruffalo, plays both the Hulk and Bruce Banner. He does a fantastic job IMO.

    I think you can get away with not seeing the Hulk prior to The Avengers, but having Banner's history is helpful.

  5. I saw the movie three times and I missed the last scene as well the first two times I watched it. Don't worry though, it's not a big deal that you missed it. There wasn't much to the final video at the end.

    Anyway, I love, love, love Joss Whedon, too.

  6. Wow EB, three times...I so envy you! I have a feeling we'll probably see it again this weekend, not in 3D. My hubby explained that in The Avenger comics that after a big battle the heroes end up eating...

    Yeah, I love Josh. He always has nuanced characters and plots. He takes the effort to develop them, and I think that's why his shows end up canceled. The networks don't realize that it takes time to build up a fan base or loyalty for character driven shows. Firefly is a good example.


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