Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Back!

Did you miss me?

I have to admit, I've missed posting and my responses from my readers. Thank ya’ll very much for supporting me.

I spent the holidays in Virginia and Washington DC. If I ever find my camera, I'll post pictures. I had a wonderful time and the weather was beautiful. After we returned, I spent the rest of my blog hiatus editing.

Yeah, typically I’d say I’d rather be doing anything but editing. I include poop scooping during my dog’s evening walk in this list. However, do you know what I’ve noticed during this last round of editing—I love it.

How the world did this happen?  

I’d like to think it’s because I’m better at self-editing while writing the story. I tend to catch my tense slips, run-on sentences, and lapses into telling not showing. I’ve also learned a ton from my critique partners. They tend to catch the invisible words in the ms. You know, the words my brain tells me are there, but not. See, I forgot—they’re—in that sentence. I’m still sketchy on comma placement, but I’m learning.

I finished editing Djinni. It’s ready for my critique partners, but I’m holding off sending it to them for the simple fact that I’d prefer for them to read Quest for the Golden Apple first. I so totally love this story.

Yes, I’m biased. A bad mommy to play favorites, but this story has wiggled its way into my heart, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Still, I have a wee bit of a problem. I think subconsiously, or rather consciously now I've figured out my issue, I love Quest so much that I can't bear to finish it. I still have one last chapter to write. I've put it off for two months. It's outlined in my head. I know exactly what needs to happen, but I haven't put The End down on paper.

It's purely a matter of not wanting to abandon my characters. How can I say goodbye?

I guess I'll have to come up with a sequel.


  1. It's not goodbye. It's merely a temporary moratorium on their story. I didn't plan on writing the sequel to Taste until it found a home. :-)

  2. I wrote this ms to be a stand-alone. This storyline wraps up completely at the end. At least, it will once I write.

    I'm glad we have our Feb 15th deadline for swapping; otherwise, I'd procrastinate indefinitely.

  3. Welcome back, Angie!

    I'm in the process of editing, too. I hope I'll get your love of editing soon so I can start querying. ;)

  4. Hi Cherie,
    Thank you:) I'm glad I don't want to pull my hair out anymore whenever I have to pull out the red pen.

    Good luck on finishing your edits and on querying.


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