Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My vow of silence has lifted.

Yesterday, Kate Evangelista announced her big news. I’ll let her fill you in on all the wonderful details and get a TASTE (LOL) of the virtual goodies she’s left for you on her blog.

What I want to convey is how proud and excited I am of her accomplishment. This breaking news has been a long time in the making; yet, I NEVER doubted this day would come. This is a testament to Kate’s level of commitment to perfecting her craft, her enthusiasm for her work, and her determination to fight for her dreams.

We’ve been friends and critique partners for two years. We’ve shared the good and bad. Without her, I don’t know whether I would be where I am right now in terms of my writing career. There were times during the course of these two years when I wanted to quit.

Kate threatened to get on a plane, and fly to the states so she could smack me upside the head. Tough love? Oh yeah, she dished it out when I needed it. Other times, she held my hand through my spurts of self-doubt. She taught me how to be a better writer, critique partner, and friend.

She’s my champion and my hero.

I’m so thrilled for her I had to share. So, please pop over to Kate’s Blog and offer her your warmest congratulations and good wishes on her future endeavor. I know she would appreciate it.


  1. Kate is an amazing writer! I'm so thrilled for her and so glad she took my advice and submitted to CMP.

    Congrats, Kate! Wishing you much success!

  2. *takes out the tissue* I'm so happy right now, I don't even know how to make any sense in this comment. Love you, sista! I look forward to the day when it's you're turn.

  3. @WriterSherry I totally agree:)She is amazing.

    Kate, if you cry, I'll cry. Let's not cry, crying time's over. Even if they're happy tears, we need to look pretty and not have swollen, red Rudolph noses. Love ya to pieces:)


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