Thursday, November 17, 2011


I’m still working on my NaNo project, which is why I haven't had any new posts. I'm totally enjoying this story. The best validation I've received for it is from my whip cracking daughter who doesn’t let me slack off.

She eagerly awaits each chapter, to the point where I have to fend her off so I can edit it before she reads it. It’s a wonderful feeling since I decided to have some fun with it by playing around with a different style, genre, tense, and pov’s.

In case anyone missed the earlier post, this is Middle Grade, and is written in present tense with dual points of views. Not a very popular style and difficult to pull off, I hear. I can't deny it's been a challenge.

I think it’s finally becoming second nature to write in the present tense without constantly slipping into past. The POV's are male and female. They are very different kids. Malik is rough and tumble, but emotionally needy and selfish at the moment. Nevan is sweet and shy, but also has a core of steel underneath her frills. They're view of the adventure they're on is completely different, yet also the same.

Now, for my project goal.

I started the project a week early. On November 1st I had 9781 words written, so I'm deducting those from my total. So while the word count is now at 35,286, I'm only at 25505 for NaNo. I hope to be able to make this up over the holidays, except Black Friday when I'll be shopping, ha ha!

So that's where I am at the halfway point.

Please, wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! And sounds like a fun project. I'm also doing MG for Nano. Older MG, I think, since my male protag is 13, and his sister is 16 (dual POVs). I'm the opposite of you--I usually write in present tense, but with this one, I'm doing 3rd person past tense. It's fantasy so the worldbuilding has been fun (and challenging!)

    Happy writing!

  2. Ooh, a fantasy. It sounds like a fun challenge to write, especially since it's in a tense you're not familiar with.

    I like the idea of using NaNo to explore different areas of our craft that we usually don't have time to devote to.

    Good luck to you too, and May the Muse be with you:)

  3. How nice to have such an eager reader! I am going slowly with mine--only at 18000. I may not "win" this year, but that's okay... I'll finish it in my own good time. Happy writing!

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for stopping by. I've never "won" NaNo, although this is my third year participating.

    I think the main thing is to have fun and enjoy where the story takes you, no matter how long it may take you to get there.

    Good luck and Happy writing to you too:)


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