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I’m very excited to introduce an extra special guest, Blakely Chorpenning, author of FRAYED: A Madison Lark Novella.

Fray loves being a semi-pro fighter and free spirit. However, when a deadly faction begins abducting supernatural teens in the Blue Hills of North Carolinafor excruciating experiments, she quickly learns there is more to life than glitzy opponents and late night trysts. Fray and a crew of unlikely allies must rescue the children before they are dissected alive. Being a leopard shapeshifter helps. Confronting personal prejudice and traversing feelings for a tempestuous ex do not mix. But Fray is willing to go all the way to stop her world from changing. That is, until the ultimate sacrifice forces her to realize just how overdue change is.

Her most shocking discovery: Everyone’s human. At least a little…

Before letting her tell you about herself, I wanted to gush a little bit about how much I enjoyed this novella. I began reading it the week after I finished with NaNo. I was exhausted and needed to relax. What I didn’t expect the high octane ride she took me on. From the opening page to the climactic ending, I was enthralled (I fell asleep at 2 a.m. with my Kindle clutched in my hand). I loved the laugh-out-loud, witty dialogue, intricate plot, and fully actualized multicultural cast of characters.

As an African-American woman, I found it refreshing to read book where the protagonist, Madison Lark aka Frayed, is of mixed racial heritage. This character proudly reflected my heritage (although I’m not a wereleopard, darn it) without being the stereotypical “Magical African-American Friend” seen in a lot of books and movies. Blakely also touched on some sensitive issues in regards to the prejudice in a way that wasn’t preachy. It was great seeing the character’s bias transform over the course of the story.  

All of which, leads me back to Blakely who can give you more insight into her motivation for writing FRAYED: A Madison Lark Novella

Thank you, Angie, for inviting me to be a part of your wonderful blog. I am totally thrilled to talk about Frayed: A Madison Lark Novella, officially debuting today! I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

One sunny morning in the seventies, a baby was born in a Texas hospital. That little sugar cookie was me. Okay, fast forward an insane amount of years. Good. Now stop before I end this blog hovering in a bubble while a computer records my thoughts, because that would be awkward for everyone.    

Seriously, though, I began writing Frayed a year and a half ago –My first post-daughter project from scratch. I was looking for truth, grit, and “that something that matters”, to quote one of my characters. First, I needed a heroine that could keep up. So along came Fray (a.k.a. Madison Lark), who is a dynamic, enigmatic modern woman. She lives for her semi-pro martial arts career, she’s multiracial (predominately African American and Italian), loves her family fiercely and…well, let’s just say the day ain’t over until she says it’s over. Ha.

I loved the idea of a multiracial character because 1) sometimes the world needs to be reminded that heroines (like all women) have no boundaries and 2) Fray just spoke to me as this unique, relatable woman fighting to take control of the changes happening to her world.

Hopefully Fray reminds readers of that time –that night, that year, that minute- when they were on fire in all the right ways… As well as the moment when they realized it was time to grow up a little, because some choices = no going back.

Especially when supernatural forces are at work.

All of my writing incorporates supernatural elements, some more obvious than others because I think each day should have a touch of the fantastical. However, had someone predicted that I would pen a character that *gasp* hates vampires and is, herself, a shapeshifter… Oh, I would have yelled, “Shut your mouth!” and slapped their beloved grandmamma before they dared utter the words. (Hence the inspiration for Fray’s prejudice towards other supernaturals–her largest fault.)

But I have to say, I’ve experienced true “nana-slapping-free” love all over again during this writing process. I feel just as enamored with my ‘shifters’ and ‘weres’ as I do with my beloved vamps. Especially Jack Tomas’ character, the young lion responsible for Fray’s peaking rage as well as the breaking point of her ever-pressing elitism. 

Frayed tackles a lot of heavy themes, including loyalty, family/friendship, the power to rise above, loss/grief, personal awakening, and much more. Through the storyline, Fray experiences horrific circumstances that challenge her to the core, forcing her to reevaluate the way she lives her life. In so, she finds her gateway to the next chapter of her life. But it costs her flesh, blood, and a chunk of innocence for everyone involved.

Thank you again, Angie, for this opportunity. I could go on forever about Frayed, but it was hard enough to stop myself before giving away the best parts. So I will end it here before I’m too tempted.

If you would like to immerse yourself in Fray’s world, please visit for a list of online retailers. Frayed: A Madison Lark Novella is available in print and e-copy formats. E-copies contain a prologue excerpt from my upcoming ‘new adult’ urban fantasy novel, Souled Out, while print copies contain the prologue as well as the first three chapters.  

First, check my website for these Frayed: A Madison Lark Novella debut specials running Dec. 16th-18th:

-An e-coupon code for $1.00 off all e-copies.
-Purchase a print copy and receive a coupon for a free e-copy. (Details listed on my website.)

For more antics, you can find me here:

My blog, Indiscriminate Writes:
Twitter: bchorpenning

Frayed: A Madison Lark Novella excerpt:

Dome lights toasted the blood streaking from brow to breastbone, turning it to liquid heat on my flesh. The sensation thrilled like the first touch of a lover, and when I realized it wasn’t mine the pleasure spike awoke a fever calling to that part of me that was never human. I wanted to relinquish my human bonds, unleash that feral leopard energy for real, but that was against the rules. This time. Instead, I smiled like the devil and I were sharing a beer in hell and hook-punched Danica, my opponent, in the face. Scarlet splatters filled the air like tiny dancers. I closed my eyes, smiling as the fresh blood caressed my tender eyelids and the hyper sensitive pout of my lips.

This is my moment, the point in every fight when they see what they did wrong.

When they see me winning.


  1. Thank you again, Angie! I've been up most of the night correcting crazy mistakes I keep making, and your blog post has definitely pulled me away from the edge of insanity. Ha. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

  2. You're welcome, Blakely. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You'll have to keep us updated on your progress. I'm wishing you the utmost success and giving another shout out for the novella. IT'S AWESOME! A fantastic holiday read.

  3. Sis!

    Happy New Year!

    Like I've said before, my life is so much better because you're in it. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. Yes, it's in caps. It had to be in caps. You continue to inspire me. And you keep hope alive.

    May 2012 bring you much love and joy. May it grant your wishes and fulfill your dreams. You are an awesome person, someone who makes me feel blessed to call a friend.


  4. Hey sis,
    Happy New Year to you as well. I can't imagine a world without you in it. Love you lots.


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