Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I’m biting my nails.

I finished the rough draft of Djinni. Now, I’m waiting the prerequisite couple of month (which I can never get through without cheating) before I edit the manuscript. I thought I would do National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or Nano) in November as a way to keep my mind busy.

Which leads to my dilemma.

I have two stories that are vying for attention. Both are equally exciting and challenging. Either would stretch my writing skills and be a fun project. But there can be only one. Cue the Tina Turner in Thunderdome voice--TWO NANO PROJECTS ENTER, ONLY ONE LEAVES.

I’m leaning toward choosing the middle grade action adventure—think Goonies in the Hood. It’s called THE GOLDEN APPLE and is based off of a short story I wrote in college. It has a twelve-year-old boy protagonist and his friends who help him in his quest to find the golden apple.

Writing from his perspective and his voice will be a challenge. Also, I’ll have to dial back the horror a bit. Not much ‘cause it has giant spiders, mummy’s, cemeteries, fairies and magic swords. Oh, there might also be a dragon for my son. He’s obsessed with dragons right now. There's also gangbangers, drug addicts, and the love and strength only good friends bring to you when you're down and out.

The other story is YA, and it’s also a different sort of project for me in that it has four points of views--three boys and a girl. Which means four very different voices, personalities, and perspectives to experiment with. YAY! It’s a full blown horror; although, a bit tongue in cheek. I’m having fun with it as evidenced by my working title STINK. 'Nuff said.

Choosing the project is not the main issue. By November 1st, I imagine one of the projects will latch itself into my psyche like a sucker-jawed parasite and won’t let me go until it slurps my creativity dry.

No, I’m having a hard time waiting for the big day.

I wish instant gratification came in can, like cheese and whip cream. I could just eat it with crackers, or to save time, hold the nozzle over my mouth. Yeah, I really hate waiting. And to be perfectly honest, I highly doubt I’ll be able to withstand the temptation of dabbling.

Maybe for my Nano experience, I can just deduct the words I end up writing before the big day from the total word count at the end of the month. Or give up on Nano all together and do my own thing.

Well, okay then. I guess my problem has been resolved. Now that I’ve absolved my guilty conscience by busting myself out to everyone reading, I’m off to go write.


  1. Djinni. Dare I hope you've written a book about the djinn? *crosses fingers*

  2. Naughty, naughty. Anyway, since our chat yesterday, you've got me thinking of the sequel to Impulse. It wants to be written. :-P

  3. Hi Joyce,
    I guess it's time to change the working title, otherwise the plot is pretty obvious. Sigh. Okay, what do you think about SOUL-SUCKED for a new title?

    Fast cars, bedlam, riot and the mob. I love Impulse!!! Can't wait for the sequel. Do you see that? I'm being sneaky, lol:)

  4. You sure have lots of great ideas! Good luck deciding. ;)

  5. Thanks Cherie,
    I've decided to go with the MG. The characters are so fantastic that I've fallen love with them.

  6. Waiting is nearly impossible!

    Best luck on NaNo. Your MG sounds fun and fleshed out enough that you should be able to cross the finish line with no problem.


  7. Hi Cat,
    Thank you. I'm very excited about this story. Too excited, because I already cheated. I'm 8k into it already.

    Bad Angie:(


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