Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bloggerly Opinions Needed

by Kiwi Sandro

UPDATE: After receiving a lot of wonderful advice, I have changed the blog back to my swamp photo to make it more reflective of JUJU'S CHILD. This is exactly how I picture the opening scene only with a Cyprus tree.

This morning Blogger had a new feature on my Dashboard. It asked if I wanted to try a new template. Hmm, try something new? Why not, I thought. So like a curious chimp, I started pressing buttons.

Half an hour later, I realized I'd totally ruined my blog. The formatting was off. I'd erased my swampy picture. I hated the new template. And worst of all, I didn't have a clue how to fix it.

An hour and a half later, inspiration struck.

Four hours later, this is the end product.

Do I like it?

Of course, I designed it. I used this picture my daughter had drawn for me on the computer for inspiration. After the dark colors of my old format, I think this is rather festive. However, what I think is pretty may not be practical. The object of the blog is to get people to stop by and read. That won’t happen if I scare you off.

So, I’m asking for opinions. A lot of you have beautiful blogs. What do you think? Is it alright? Too distracting?

So blinding it gave you a migraine just looking at it. Now you hate me?

Please let me know. I really appreciate any insight you have.
Thanks for your help.

P.S. If I haven't totally scared you off, and you're not a follower, please click on the follow link. Heck, even if you hate it, still clink on the follow link. I need all the constructive feedback I can get. I tally up the votes at the end of the week, then decide if it stays or goes.

P.P.S. Also, if anyone can teach me how to do those tabs at the top of the page, I’d be really appreciative.


  1. Thanks:) Kiwi's eyes lit up when she saw her picture.

  2. Heya, Sis!

    Loving the new blog, but is it the image you want to portray to potential readers of Juju? What I learned so far is that having a Net presence means you need to project your brand. If Juju is to be your debut novel, you may want to format your blog to reflect the essence of the book. Oh, and about the tabs, email me. I can help.


  3. I like it too and I've always loved that picture. Now it's even cooler knowing that your daughter drew it.

    This works for me.

  4. Kate,
    I have to agree. I'm also missing my creepy swamp. Thanks for the advice:)

    Love ya, sis.

  5. Hey DMC,
    The picture is very cool. It's one of the first things she drew using her new graphics pad. My little artist:)

    She wants a blog so bad, lol. She wants to put up comics. I told her she has to wait until she's older, but I thinki once Kate teaches me to do the tabs, I'll give her her own page here.

  6. Very cute, Angie!

    Kate does have a point...but if you have a separate website for your book, and of course you link it back to your blog, then you can probably get away with it. Up to you, of course. ;)

  7. Cherie,
    That's a good idea. I'm researching other blogs to get some ideas. It's a lot of fun, seeing different styles and formats, and trying to find the right style for me. But it does take up a lot of time. Time I should be using writing, lol.

    Okay, the consensus is that I need to showcase Juju's Child, and my work-in-progresses.

    My thanks to everyone who has given their advice.

  8. I really like the graveyard pic. Love the above ground graves due to being below sea level. Is there any way to stretch the pic so it covers from one side of the blog to the other?

  9. Hi KellieM,

    I know, I love these types of graveyard too. I love the feeling of age. I can imagine ghosts walking through across the grounds, visting with friends,haunting the living, muahahaha.

    I don't know how to stretch the picture. I tried to put my swamp picture up again, but on this template it didn't even stretch as far as this one does. If anyone has suggestions, they're welcome:)

  10. Angie,

    I love the graveyard picture. I think it is very cool on many levels. If I'm being honest, however, I only wish it stretched across the entire top of the blog. It just seems like it's being stifled right now and needs a little freedom flow across the whole screen.

    And if we are truly supposed to brand our blog for our books, I'm in trouble. My chapter book takes place completely on the ocean and my blog theme is woods. LOL. I think you're fine. In particular because, I assume, anyways, that you want to write more than one single book in your career. Yes?

    Thought so. Hugs and best luck.

  11. To be honest, Angie, the stark white on black hurts my eyes...but that's just me. I do like the cemetary pic! And that's a darling cartoon of you!

  12. Hi Cat,
    You made an excellent point. It may be more about branding ourselves than any particular book. I still haven't been able to figure out how to fix the picture. If I arrange the width of the blog to fit the picture, it makes it too small to read. So that's something I will continue working on.

    I'm not fond of the stark white either. I'm changing it to more of a gray. Let me know if it's as blinding:)

    Thank you both for your input.

  13. Grr, I'm not happy with this at all! It's too white and gray. Blah.

  14. Hey Angie,
    I love the pic your daughter drew. It makes me smile every time I see it. I do miss your swamp.

  15. Thanks Carla,
    She's be so happy to hear that. I'm trying to set up a page for her to showcase her work. It's a work-in-progress, but I'm starting to get the hang of this blog designing business:-P


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